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Pantelis Kaliotsos

Documentary 63’ Greece, 2018

An unusual masterclass on creative writing, by Greek writer Pantelis Kaliotsos.
Why do I write? How do I choose my reader? What must be the relationship between literature and critique? What is literature (for me)? The ethics of artistic creation Questions that trouble writers and not only. In this marathon-interview, Greek writer Pantelis Kaliotsos talks about all these with passion, ingenuousness, sincerity, humor and love. In a language that moves and inspires, the writer offers us a very special masterclass on creative writing.

  • Writers Maria Douza
  • Directed by Maria Douza
  • Actors Pantelis Kaliotsos
  • Producer Vasilis Katsoufis, Michael Sarantinos
  • Production Stefi-Lynx, Steficon SA

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Pantelis Kaliotsos

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